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Sunday, April 7, 2019 - Dr. Ann Cordy Deegan, curator of history in private and public museums, including head of the History Division for the San Bernardino County Museum and co-author of two books (on early Redlands photographers and Redlanders in World War I), presented a PowerPoint on her A.K. Smiley Public Library Heritage Room research of nearly 1,400 Redlands death cards from 1889-1905. Her research, now on a database and accessible to the public, includes name, cause of death, marital status, date and residence at time of death, all especially helpful to genealogists.


Sunday, April 22, 2018 - Nelda Stuck, co-founder of RHMA, presented a PowerPoint program about her new book, "Redlands Movers and Shakers, Centennial to Millennium, 1980-2002," featuring photos she took over the 22 years she served as Community and the Arts editor of the Redlands Daily Facts.


Sunday, November 12, 2017 - Work and Play Productions presented behind the scenes footage from the making of the film "With Vision A City Prospers." The team of film makers included Rob Sandberg, Trevor, Susan and  Al Stevens.
Sunday, March 26, 2017 - "Redlands' Nisei and World War II"
is A.K. Smiley Public Library Director Don McCue's topic. The year 2017 marks the 75th anniversary of one of the most controversial decisions in American history -- President Franklin Roosevelt's decision to authorize the evacuation of 130,000 Japanese Americans from the West Coast. McCue's presentation examines the impact of that decision on three Redlands families, the Wadas, the Kanatanis, and the Sakatos.

Sunday, October 30, 2016 - "Museum of Redlands Update"
A trio of Museum of Redlands leaders - Don McCue, A.K. Smiley Public Library director; Dr. Larry Burgess, Smiley Library Director Emeritus; and Steve Stockton, Redlands Historical Museum Association President - bring us up to date on museum activities and plans. 2 p.m., The Contemporary Clubhouse, 173 Eureka St.


Museum Tuesday meetings 2.jpgSunday, April 17, 2016 - "Dreams and Schemes, Redlands Exhibition Ideas"
Larry and Char.jpgMuseum leaders will present ideas how their favorite historical object could be expanded to an exhibition that will make Redlands a destination point for all of southern California.  Architect Jim Favaro  presents his latest PowerPoint and model of the museum. Presenters (above) are Tom Hartman of IQ Magic; Rosa Gomez, Library Board; RHMA President Steve Stockton; Nathan Gonzales and Don McCue of A.K. Smiley Public Library; Jim Favaro; Larry and Charlotte Burgess, Redlands RHMS Capital Campaign Committee; and Matt LeVesque (not shown).  2 p.m., Contemporary Club, 173 S. Eureka Street.


Saturday, October 3, 2015 - The RHMA membership is invited to an open-house reception at our new museum location, the former Redlands Daily Facts newspaper building at 700 Brookside Ave., when architects Steve Johnson and Jim Favaro of Culver City will speak about visions possibilities for the renovation and displays for the building. Time is 3-4:30 p.m. for invited membership followed by open house for the general public from 4:30-6. This open house is preceded by a reception for city dignitaries on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Willis Book Cover.jpg2015, May 17 - Toni Momberger, editor of the Redlands Daly Facts newspaper, presents a visual-narrative program on "Growing Up in Redlands in the 1970s and '80s." She is a fourth-generation Redlands native who speaks about sentimental spots that are no longer here.

Nick & Carlaine.jpgWillis Book Cover.jpg2014, September 21 - Nicholas Willis of Carmel speaks on his new book about his Redlands aunt, "Frances E. Willis," who was the first woman career ambassador, appointed by presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy to that position in Switzerland, Norway and Ceylon.


2014, March 30 - "Redlands Quasquicentennial History" featuring the Work and Play Productions crew (Rob Sandberg, Cheryl Williams, Susan and Al Stevens) sharing their experiences and outtakes from filming Redlands' video celebrating 125 years.


2013, October 13 - Maria Carrillo, the A.K. Smiley Public Library's new Heritage Room archivist, shared her "Impressions of an Archivist: Discovering the Library/Museum Special Collections."


2013, April 7 - "Dr. Stillman Berry, Redlands Renaissance Man, 1887-1984" presented by Phillip Livoni, one of Dr. Berry's students and a friend, sharing historic memorabilia and information from his extensive Berry collection and archives.


2012, October 7 - "Our Favorite Treasures from 40 Years of Collecting at Smiley Library" presented by Larry Burgess, Smiley Library Director; Don McCue, Head of Special Collections; and Nathan Gonzales, Associate Archivist.


2012, April 15 - "The First 50 Years of Redlands Photographers, 1888-1938" featuring Dr. Ann Deegan Heritage Room consultant for cataloging artifacts and archival materials and former San Bernardino County Museum Curator of History, on her research locating more than two dozen men and women photographers in Redlands before the 1940s.


2011, October 2 - "A Tourist in 1900s Southern California" featuring glass lantern slides from the Smiley Library/Museum collection, shown via PowerPoint, narrated by Nathan  Gonzales.


2011, April 10 - "The Winning of Barbara Worth" silent film of the Harold Bell Wright popular novel written in Redlands.


2010, September 12 - "Road Show from the Redlands Historical Museum Collection," celebrating RHMA's 10 years of collecting artifacts, with Dr. Larry Burgess, Don McCue and Dr. Nathan Gonzales speaking on and displaying the many items.


2010, April 25 - "An Engineer's View of
the Mill Creek Zanja" by Steve Stockton.


2009, October 4 - "Smoke and Orange Blossoms," history of the Redlands Fire Department, featuring  Redlands Fire Chief Jeff Frazier.


2009, April 26 - "Redlands, a Literary View,"  produced by Nelda Stuck, featuring selected book passages read by 10 top Redlands area actors/storytellers: Mel Chadwick, Carey Curtis Smith, Elaine Brubacher, Katherine Thomerson, David Critchlow, Larry Burgess, Dick McCarty, Wayne Scott, Deborah McFatter and Karen Cabanilla.


2008, March 30 - "Redlands in Transition" - Larry Burgess and Nathan Gonzales speak about their new book highlighting Redlands in color photography from the 1950-1970s era.

2008, May 17 - "Textile Exhibit," curated by Phillip Livoni.



2008,  September 28 - Glass lantern slide show and script for the 1912 Bear Valley Mutual Water Company's Big Bear Dam program, narrated by Heritage Room associate archivist Dr. Jeff Smith.


2007, April 22 - "Radiant Redlands Musicale" featuring  Redlands singers: Bruce McClurg, Linda Apmadoc, Diana Lawrence Kiuttu, Roger, Jeanne, Heather and Michael Duffer, Carole Beswick, Nathan Gonzales,Curtiss Allen Sr., Karen Radcliffe Smith, Jeni Rickard, Julie Michaels, Sharilyn Bailey Berry, Margene Mastin-Schepps; Carey Curtis Smith, Elizabeth Van Gelder, Susan Brubacher Meinders and Glen Johnson; accompanied by Kim Hoeptner, Harriet Talbert, Jeffrey Rickard, Judith Johansen and Lorene Forsyth; produced by Nelda M. Stuck.


2007, September 30"Redlands Daily Facts Photos from 1956 to 1973," 3x4-inch negatives in a PowerPoint program narrated by Larry Burgess and Nathan Gonzales.


2006, September 17 - "Redlands Co-Founder Frank E. Brown" research by Tom Atchley.


2006, April 2 - "William G. Moore Slide Collection" narrated by Dr. Larry Burgess.


2005, April 2 - "Celebrate Citrus" talks (part of the first Orange Blossom Grove Walk) featuring Harold Hill on "Redlands' Efforts to Preserve Citrus"; Lois Fair Wilson on growing up in a Redlands citrus family; and Bill Hardy" on the Redlands Citrus industry.


2005, October 2 - "Highlights from the Collection of Fine Art of A.K. Smiley Public Library," presented by Nathan Gonzales and Larry Burgess .


2004, May 1 - "Capsules of the History of Our Town," exhibit during Redlands Festival.

Curtiss Allen Sr. demonstrates the rotating copper drum washing machine to John and Mary Evelyn Golz   Saving historic items for the next generation

2004, September 26 - "50 Years of Redlands: Then and Now," slides from Mayor Donald S.C. Anderson's collection, updated in the same locations by photographers Liz Beguelin and Monte Stuck.


2003, September 21  - Jack Sessums presented 1940s-50s film footage of "Rails through Redlands."


2002 - Three  "Behind the Scenes" Lectures


January 12  - "Secrets of the Archives" (Library/HeritageRoom/Lincoln Shrine, led by Don McCue and  Nathan Gonzales).


April 7  - "Old City Hall History, Architecture and Tour" - Liz Beguelin.


October 6 - "Inside the University of Redlands Archives" - James Hofer

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